• “Innovation in Education” Award Goes to SCF

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    On January 30, the third China-Scotland Business Awards hosted by China-Britain Business Council was held in Glasgow, UK. The cooperative education program between Donghua University and the University of Edinburgh, namely Shanghai International College of Fashion and Innovation (SCF), won the honor of “Innovation in Education this year. Professor Juliette MacDonald, International Dean of SCF, and Professor Natascha Gentz, Assistant President of the University of Edinburgh and Dean of Confucius Institute for Scotland in the University of Edinburgh, attended the award ceremony.

    The China-Scotland Business Award 2020 had 5 awards, of which the “Innovation in Education” aimed to promote the innovation of educational partners between Scotland and China. In the award words, the competition selection committee pointed out that this years winner  the educational achievement of Shanghai International College of Fashion and Innovation · DONGHUA UNIVERSITY, started in-depth cooperation in the field of education between China and the UK, established a positive basis for their cooperation in the future, and played a crucial role in the current active communication and cooperation between China and the UK.

    (Juliette MacDonald & Natascha Gentzat the award ceremony)

    After winning the award, Professor Juliette MacDonald, International Dean of SCF, said that SCF had witnessed that Donghua University and the University of Edinburgh had grown from cross-cultural teaching and academic cooperation to more extensive cooperation in scientific research projects. At present, SCF pays close attention to establishing a solid cooperative relationship of global sustainability in fashion, and starting from China and the UK, gradually forms an international partner community integrating education, culture, science and technology, and business, radiating to all countries in the world. The cooperation of SCF provides us a huge opportunity to maintain real internationalization and strengthen our contacts with around the world, said Professor Juan Cruz, Dean of Edinburgh College of Art, when giving his remarks on the cooperation between the two universities.

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