• DHU Ranks 5th in Global Carbon Fiber Industry Technology Innovation

    Publisher:钱玲丽Release time:2020-01-03Browse the number:10

    On December 26, hosted by the Beijing Intellectual Property Professional Committee of the China Technical Economics Association and undertaken by Bayuegua Technology Company, the Top 200 Global Carbon Fiber Industry Technology Innovation Conference was held in Beijing. The Top 200 Global Carbon Fiber Industry Technology Innovation Report was released at the meeting. Among them, Donghua University ranked fifth among the top 10 in the global carbon fiber industry technology innovation.

    According to the report, four Chinese innovators, including Donghua University, are among the top 10 technology innovators in the global carbon fiber industry, indicating that China has achieved a high degree of activity and intensity in technological innovation in the carbon fiber industry. Among them, Donghua University and Zhongfu Shenying cracked the problems that had not been solved for decades in 2017, and completed the technical breakthrough of China's T1000 carbon fiber dry spray wet process, winning the first prize of 2017 National Science and Technology Progress.

    According to the report's evaluation results, Toray ranks first among the top 200, second is Teijin Corporation, third is Boeing, and fourth to ten are Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Donghua University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Ford Global Technology Corporation, State Grid Corporation, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Corporation and Shandong University. The carbon fiber industry technology innovation indicator system released this time has set three first-level indicators, technological innovation capability, innovation environment, and innovation impact, seven second-level indicators, including technological innovation achievements, technological research and development teams, economic environment, industry-university-research collaboration, technological monopoly, and the depth and breadth of technology impact, and 19 third-level indicators, which comprehensively cover the factors and dimensions of industrial technology innovation impact. Based on the indicator system of the carbon fiber industry and the global patent information from 2014 to 2018, combined with the economic status of relevant countries or regions, the report has selected the top 200 carbon fiber industry technology innovators after conducting quantitative evaluation over more than 30,000 technological innovators in the carbon fiber industry in the past 5 years.


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